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  • Learn What It Is That Victim Advocates Do
  • What You Need To Know To Find An Advocate
  • How To Become An Advocate

Victim's Rights

We’re all familiar—if only through Law & Order and our high school course in government—with Miranda Rights, but we don’t often consider the rights of victims. Yes, we assume they have them, but it’s all background for us. Victim advocates ensure that victims receive restitution and that court orders are adhered to. They also liaise between the prosecutor and the victim regarding parole hearings and appeals, among other duties.

No Training Required

Yes, and no. What’s really needed is compassion. Plenty of law enforcement agencies and advocacy groups will happily accept volunteers to help console and assist the victims of crimes. They will happily train you in whatever capacity they operate, whether that means work within the court room, or if it means facilitating efforts from an office. With a couple years of on-the-job training, you can secure an actual career with the same sorts of agencies.

The Victim's Rights Movement

The Victim’s Rights Movement came out of the observation that the law seemed more concerned with the rights of criminals than they had ever been with those of the victims. Prisoners were successfully suing the state for the poor conditions in the prison, and other prisoners were making money off their crimes, sometimes writing successful books. Advocates wanted victims to have access to at least the same level of support.

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